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BPW-Iowa President Visits Oak Park Elementary School


On January 25th BPW-Iowa President Cindy visited Oak Park Elementary School to deliver BPW Iowa’s contribution for Mr. Tams’ 5th grade classroom to get e-readers. The class was getting read to attend Biz Town and Cindy had a chance to talk to them about money and building a business.

Cindy explained to the students that women had not always had the right to vote and that early in the 1900′s women had to go through an awful fight to obtain the right to vote in elections like men had always been able to do. Continue reading

Negotiation Strategies for Women

Kim-photo-new-one-copyWhen Kimberly Stamatelos went to law school 35 years ago there were only a small number of women in her law school class. “I remember feeling like the qualities I had that were uniquely “feminine” needed to be hidden.  I thought I had to act like a man to be in the profession.”

Fast forward to today, and Stamatelos has come full circle.  “As it turns out, I think the unique qualities that women possess are desperately needed in the legal world.”  And specifically what are those qualities?

“First and foremost compassion.  People that come to a lawyer are often wounded.  Their wounds are serious: financial, physical, emotional, affecting their families, their livelihood, their serenity.”

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Guest Speaker: Alicia Economos

Author, speaker and certified heart coach, Alicia Economos, will be presenting 2 sessions at the upcoming BPW Iowa Annual Conference on April 20th .


“Your Colorful Personality” (Saturday morning)

Knowing your personality type is a key step in self-discovery and a highly effective tool for making sense out of your relationships.  In this fun and interactive workshop, Economos provides a deeper understanding of YOU, your spouse, family, employees and friends.

Learn the secrets of each personality type, and get equipped to improve all your relationships. Continue reading