BPW Iowa Mission:

"To develop and empower women, in all stages of their work lives, through education, awareness and advocacy within a supportive network."

Iowa Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW Iowa)

The Iowa Federation was organized April 5, 1920, with six (6) organizations and a membership of 48 members.  The Waterloo organization was the first organization in the State to pay both State and National dues – others were Clinton, Cedar Rapids, Mason City, Boone and Des Moines.  The first president was Mrs. W. D. Ives of Waterloo.

The original Articles of Incorporation of the Iowa Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. were filed May 14, 1924 in Black Hawk County.  

In 1974, the Restated Articles of Incorporation of the Iowa Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc. are recorded in Book X of Incorporation Records of Floyd County, Iowa, on pages 56 – 61.  

On May 21, 2021, newly Restated Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Iowa Secretary of State pursuant to Section 504.1006 of the Revised Iowa Nonprofit Corporation Act. 

April 26, 2021, a Fictitious Name Resolution was filed with the Iowa Secretary of State adopting “BPW Iowa” as our business entity name.

The state BPW organization (BPW Iowa) Fiscal Year is June 1 to May 31.

BPW Iowa Executive Committee

The Executive Committee for the Business and Professional Women of Iowa guides and directs five local organizations (chapters) and the members at large who comprise the state organization. The officers are the face of the BPW Iowa organization that helps so many women develop leadership skills and advance their careers, while advocating for working women on the state level.

Legislative Platform


The Equal Rights Amendment, as authored by Alice Paul, shall stand first, foremost and above all other items which may appear on the state platform of this Iowa Federation of Business and Professional Women, until equal legal rights for women and men become guaranteed in the United States Constitution, because all statutory law derives there from.

The Equal Rights Amendment

“Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”


Civil Rights Work to improve the status of women in the workplace by ensuring equal rights and remedies for women in all phases of their lives:

  • Oppose all efforts to eliminate Affirmative Action
  • Eliminate all forms of harassment and violence against women
  • Secure passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act on the Federal level

Economic Equity Ensure pay equity, equal educational and economic opportunities at all stages of life:

  • Promote affordable, quality dependent care to help ensure economic self-sufficiency for women
  • Improve the Social Security system to better protect women-employed, divorced, disabled or widowed
  • Strengthen private and public pension equity for women as workers and as spouses
  • Advocate for adequate benefit equity in all major income supported programs

Health Ensure affordable, appropriate and high-quality health and long-term care:

  • Secure affordable, quality healthcare, including preventative insurance coverage for all Iowans
  • Ensure funds for research into and protection for women’s health services and education
  • Monitor the national healthcare plan implementation and advocate for recognition of the special healthcare needs of women

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